The team at Studio d'Arte Borromeo is at your disposal to evaluate single works or entire collections to put on auction or to be managed as a private sale.

Should you wish to ask us for a free evaluation of the articles you would like to sell, please fill out the form to the right. Alternatively, you may contact our offices by email at or by phone on +39 3405604534.

To assist us in estimating the articles, we would invite you to attach a copy of all the available information you have at your disposal, namely: one or more colour photos, details of the work (dimensions, year, technique, artist name), accompanying documentation (labels, pubblications, archives, original copies).

Should you wish to proceed with the auction, a contract will be drawn up (mandate to sell), in which articles, the reserve price (minimum price of sale) and the sale (commission, liquidation period of the work to be sold) will all be defined.

If a particular item is not sold, no commission will be charged to the buyer. Additionally, the buyer will have the option of collecting the article or selling the article at a lower starting price.

All evaluations and enquiries are free and can be requested at any time.

Modulo di valutazione

Inviaci una foto e le informazioni a tua conoscenza per ricevere una valutazione gratuita delle tue opere.